B.Sc. Media Graphics and Animation Details

Course highlights:
  • Emphasis on basic science and standards involved in multimedia sector.Multimedia Animation and Graphics covers study of computer languages, computer graphics and the nature of moving image, storyboarding and various technologies.
  • The scope of this course has been designed in such way that its application is inter dependent in all the aspects of the media industry across the world.
Career opportunity
  • Content developer
  • Clean-up artist
  • Background artist
  • Compositor
  • Compositing artist
  • 3D animator
  • Texture artist
  • Character animator
  • Film Editor
  • 2D animator
  • Rendering artist
  • Audio & video specialist
  • Story Broad Artist
  • Lighting artist
  • Layout artist
  • Key frame animator
  • Special effects artist
  • Image Editor
Why IMCC study center?
  • Eminent and highly experienced faculty from industry
  • Well-equipped lab available for 12 hours per day
  • Hands on experience for all subjects in modern classrooms with free Wi-Fi
  • State-of-art multimedia studio
  • Modern library and information center
  • Comfortable Course timings
  • Additional certification to groom your personality
  • Real life work experience
  • Career counseling and placement assistance
  • 12th passed
  • 21 years age + 10th passed+ Preparatory passed
Admission Procedure

All Theory (Th) Courses are of 4 credits (100 Marks)

Theory-CumPractical(Th+Pr) courses are of 6 credits (150 Marks).

First Year
Subject CodeSubject Name
BMG 101Introduction to Computers & Internet (Th)
BMG 102Drawing and Sketching (Th)
BMG 103Color Theory (Th)
BMG 104Typography (Th)
BMG 105Computer Graphics Part1: Adobe Photoshop (Th + Pr)
BMG 106Computer Graphics Part2 : Adobe Illustrator (Th + Pr)
BMG 107Technical and Creative Writing (Th)
BMG 108Introduction to Multimedia and its Application (Th)
BMG 109Developing Presentations (Th)
BMG 110Design Principles (Th)
BMG 111Print Media Part1 : Coral Draw (Th + Pr)
BMG 112Print Media Part2 : Quark Express (Th+ Pr)
Second Year
Subject CodeSubject Name
BMG 201Introduction to Web Development (Th)
BMG 202HTML (Th)
BMG 203Computer Animation : Introduction to Flash (Th)
BMG 204Content Digitization (Th)
BMG 205Content Authoring on Web using Macromedia Dreamweaver (Th+Pr)
BMG 206Developing Dynamic Web Pages using Java and VB Scripts (Th)
BMG 207Video-Production Basics (Th)
BMG 208Story Boarding (Th)
BMG 209Visual Communication (Th)
BMG 210Audio-Editing: Sound Forge (Th + Pr)
BMG 211Video-Editing: Adobe Premier (Th + Pr)
BMG 212Advance Video Effects (Th)
BMG 213Environment Studies
Third Year
Subject CodeSubject Name
BMG 301Animation Principles (Th)
BMG 302Introduction to Maya (Th+Pr)
BMG 303Character Set up and Animation in Maya (Th)
BMG 304Advanced Maya (Th+Pr)
BMG 305Introduction to 3DS max (Th+Pr)
BMG 306Advanced 3ds max (Th+Pr)
BMG 307Character Animations (Th)
BMG 308CG Film making (Th)
BMG 309Project Work (Th+Pr)
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